Grass Cutting

rass cutting is at the core of our business  A well kept lawn or grassed area can have a positive visual impact for your premises or business.  We can provide seasonal contracts or cuts on an ad hoc basis, always working with our clients to provide the solution that best fits your needs.
We prefer to use mulching mowers as we believe this provides the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option in most situations.  Mulching mowers push the grass cuttings back into the lawn, the cuttings break down and provide vital nutrients for the grass and in effect gives the lawn a cost free fertiliser every time we make the cut.  Mulching also negates the collection and removal of grass cuttings which adds time and cost.
We can of course provide a cut and collect service if the client would prefer this method.
If you have areas of land that have not been maintained for several months or even years then please contact us. Conwy Groundcare has equipment that can cut overgrown and rough areas of land, we can very quickly transform these areas and bring them back to a much more manageable state.

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